Collegiate Collection | Ukraine Collaboration

Collegiate Collection | Ukraine Collaboration

Collegiate Collection

With the rise of Athleisure wear in recent years, we continue with its ideology of building a brand based on the principles of mental toughness and creativity. For this collection release, we wanted to continue and outdo ourselves from any previous collection. We set out in hopes to bring this brand global, in order to create connections and work with new creators that could provide knowledge and creativity. After a thorough overview we chose to send Adverciety to Ukraine and couldn't have been happier with the process and results.

Ukraine Collaboration:

In preparation for this collection release, we connected with creators Sasha and Vitaly who reside out of Odessa, Ukraine. We discussed the vision of Adverciety and what we hope to showcase with this collection. Having the experience that comes from working with many brands, Sasha and Vitaly brought forth great ideas not only directed towards content creation but the clothing and brand growth. 

Through this collaboration, we took note of the current war in Ukraine and the peoples day to day financial situation. This was an attempt to expand our connections, allow them to build their business, while receiving financial assistance to make things easier for themselves. Considering the gravity of the situation, we decided to step up and contribute to the noble cause through donations and supportive collaborations. Following thorough discussions and detailed planning, Adverciety decided to take its brand worldwide while prioritising the contributions toward Ukrainian war victims. 

We are genuinely proud to announce that we had a great experience working with the Ukrainian Creators and Models, who worked on our advertisement campaigns. While the whole working experience was fabulous, we are humbled to have contributed to a great cause in our own capacity. Adverciety stands with the people of Ukraine and plans to further extend its associations, collaborations, and services in Ukrainian Territories. Moreover, we plan to extend our operations and services to other parts of the world. We're beyond excited for future collaborations.

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About The Creators:

Vitaliy But

The photographer operating under the brand name of Vitaliy But is an impressive photographer based in Odessa. He specialises in the areas of fitness photography and has a special ability to capture exquisite shots that can capture anyone’s interest and attention while seeming captivating to everyone. 

We were genuinely impressed with the photographer’s diligence, commitment, and level of expertise. It was a real pleasure to have him on board with us for this project. His captures have indeed been a great addition to our portfolio.

Sasha Moklokova

Sasha is an incredibly talented videographer whose production skills were a real treat to have. Her videos for Adverciety looked perfectly balanced with exquisite angles and exceptional camerawork. We are thankful to her for her experience in content creation and brand focus during this project. Her efforts were much appreciated and we hope to continue our collaborations with her in the future. 

We would also like to mention the models, any other crew members, and production assistants who contributed to this cause and made this collaboration a great success.